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Airport Information

If on a Mediterranean tour, travelers may want to avail of a car hire service before arriving at Corsica airports.  Compact vehicles are the most popular car hire choices due to Corsica’s small nature. Narrow streets can more easily be navigated by a compact car. Tourists can choose from budget-friendly car hires or luxury ones. The advertised price includes VAT, unlimited mileage and road insurance.  Car hires are advisable especially during summer holidays as it gives tourists a first hand experience of vibrant French culture.  Corsica airports provides an efficient way of touring the country through its affordable and luxurious car hire services.


Corsica airports offer cheap parking fees for both short term and long term services.  The airport is also keen in implementing strict security measures among the parking lots.  During holidays, prices may raise slightly, but minimize costs can be achieved by pre-booking parking services.

Flight Information

Since Corsican airports are relatively small in size, they cannot handle large freights or carriers.  However, it accommodates local and international flights through connecting carriers.  Chartered flights are also welcome to accommodate tourists on private planes.

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Corsica has four airports connecting to mainland France: Ajaccio Airport, the Campo dell Oro Airport, Poretta Airport, and Calvi and Figari Airport.  Figari Airport is known for its beachfront location which gives passengers a feel of the summer heat and spicy local lifestyle. Though facilities are limited only to a cafe and a small memorabilia shop, the airport management offers services such as 24 hour passenger assistance for first comers and disabled persons.  The airport also runs a full security check on baggage and packages to ensure optimum safety of the passengers.

While waiting for midnight/red-eye flights or early morning flights and in need of a good rest, Corsica Airports offers comfortable hotel accommodations.  Packages include bed and breakfast accommodations as well as a relaxing pool and many more amenities to enjoy. Corsica Airports make passengers feel that they belong thanks to very friendly, accommodating staff. The ambiance is one of warm welcome and enclosed cosiness that is so prevalent in French and Italian decor and culture.

Corsica City Information

Corsica belongs to one of the few regions governed by France.  This Mediterranean-inspired city attracts tourists with its fusion of French and Italian cuisines, friendly culture and interesting architecture. The climate is usually hot and dry during the summer and mildly cool during the winter season.  Tourists are delighted by taking a stroll through the city. Tourists can choose to be physically challenged by walking through certain areas of the city, as Corsica possess some of the world’s most difficult mountain walks.  For those who adore pasta, pizza, cured meats, and sheep’s milk, traditional Alsation, haute cuisines, or Asian and Eastern eateries, they will definitely appreciate unique Corsican recipes.  Tourists can also avail of items with French and Italian motifs as souvenirs of the trip.

Abstract art in the form of paintings and sculpture is popular in Corsica.  With subjects such as war, blended cultures and progress being painted along walkways where artists set up, tourists can manifest that Corsica is a melting pot of different cultures. 

Train is the most common form of transportation as the Corsica boasts 232 kilometres of track across the country. First time travelers would normally use rented cars to experience  natural beauty such as mountains and beaches first hand.


Buses and trains are very common in Corsica but if wanting to reach the city airport hassle-free, tourists should either take taxis or hire private cars.  Campo dell Oro Airport, for example, is 15 minutes outside of the commercial center while Poretta is 12 miles south of Bastia.  Travelers can also choose to ride to the airport via shuttle bus if wishing to book flights in Poretta Airport.

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